20 Reasons to Join!

1. Never bored again.
On Polly & Bob you will find a neighbor to hang out with.
Get in touch and have a coffee together or make an appointment.
Invite neighbors for barbeque on the weekend or join them on one of their events.
Come and join us now!

2. New in town?
Welcome to your new neighborhood! Discover the opportunities and come in easily. You are welcome to get in touch with everybody. You are welcome to join groups and events. You are welcome to open your own groups and events. Reach out, your neighbors are already here for you to build your new place called home.
Come and join us now!

3. You have a topic an issue that the neighbors should act on?
You want to put a topic on the local political agenda? Organize a group on Polly & Bob in order to get things going. We can change the world only if we get out and find likeminded. We can change the world only when we get heard. Polly & Bob is a public space. Here your issue will get heard by a great amount of neighbors.
Come and join us now!

4. Find participants for your event or project!
You want to host a non-commercial neighborhood event and invite neighbors?
You have a project and need some helping hands?
Join Polly & Bob now! It is your easy way to reach the people around you.
Come and join us now!

5. No Advertisement
Our main goal is to shape the digital society by using the internet to bring people together offline.
Accordingly we want to do the digital right. Where other so called social networks are advertisement platforms in the clothing of a social network we are a real social network without advertisement. We don’t want the user to be the product for the advertisement clients. We want the user to be the client.
Come and join us now!

6. Independent from Venture Capital
Polly & Bob is a community project. The finance has to come from the community. In our world today the people who pay have the power too. So we need to finance through the community.
We are going to open a co-operative in November 2016, where all neighbors can buy a share and become owner of Polly & Bob. All legal decisions will go through the co-operative that means full power to the members. In this way we insure that no commercial interest will ever enter Polly & Bob. All the other neighborhood networks are venture capital based and are meant to make money. Money’s interest comes first ad their place. As soon as possible we will finance or non-profit organization through membership fees of 2€ a month. 2€ for the neighborhood.
Join the only crowd based Neighborhood Network now!

7. Non Profit
Polly & Bob is a non-profit organization. We don’t need to feed investors. But we need money to cover the expenses for community management, platform development and to support local activities. Of our monthly membership fee we share 50% to the localboard in your neighborhood in order to finance events, and build resources that you need again and again. Each localboard is free to use the money in their best way. The other 50% are used to support and help the local makers and neighborhood enthusiasts, to organize the community management and to maintain and further develop the platform. With the right money we will get things done. 2€ is not much. If we all pay we get build something great together.
Join our movement now!

8. Based on (voluntary) membership fees: 2€ for the good neighborhood, your neighborhood!
As a membership fee we ask the small amount of 2€. These 2€ will give you access to your neighborhood. 2€ for the neighborhood. If everybody pays a small amount we can do great things. If you cannot afford it or don’t want to pay, you can invite friends instead to support the idea. Each invited neighbor gives you 1 month of free membership. If you want to use the groups function only, this will be for free always.
When the organization is stabilized min. 50% of the fee go to the local boards and will be spent in your local area. At the beginning we spent 100% on community management and platform development.
2€ per month, first 100 in zip code area receive 1 year free, or invite friends and receive 1 month free usage for each invited! Free usage of groups as a member of groups. Join us now!

9. Open groups and let members use them for free!
You like to organize a football group to meet frequently?
You like to organize communication in the kindergarten group?
You want to find people for the same local interest and make yourself heard?
Join Polly & Bob and open a group! (All members use it for free!)

10. Find likeminded People around you!
Find people that join you in your project or join interesting projects of others or just find interesting people to hang out and spend time with!
Join your neighbors now!

11. The better dating platform.
Meet new people around you on Polly & Bob without the awkward background of dating. Do it the old fashioned way.
Stop sitting alone! Join us!

12. Which school is the best in the neighborhood?
Ask questions to the people around you! Share experience and get interesting information from people who know.
Join your source for local information!

13. Get help from neighbors!
Need a hand? Just call a neighbor to help you! Community is about helping each other and that’s what we want to support.
Join your neighborhood community now!

14. Power to the people!
Our main goal is to shape the digital society by using the internet to bring people together offline.
Accordingly we want to do the digital right too. That means to us first and foremost to give the power to the user of the platform. In regular frequencies we ask our members to decide on important questions. As a member you become part of the neighborhood board where we discuss issues and decide on alternatives. The users should decide what happens with their data, what happens with their money, what values the organization should follow. We are going to have the best privacy terms, because the user will decide on them!
We give the power to the members! Join us now!

15. You can stay anonymous.
If you want to stay anonymous, you can do so. We will not check or verify your address. We will not show your address on the platform (only the distance to you). Other platforms that do so need this data to offer good services for their advertisement clients. As we are not an advertisement platform we will not need the data. More important to us: we want to do the digital right and that means to be able to stay anonymous. You can use a fake name too. Offline you can show your face and give your real name. Neighbors who not behave well can be blocked and flagged, we will erase accounts that do anything inappropriate. Our culture lives from like-minded people. Our integrity lives from being able to stay anonymous.
Join us now! Very simple and with good intentions!

16. Lost your key?
Lost your key, cat, dock, or wallet? Likelihoods are high a neighbor as seen it! How can he find you? How can you come together?
Join the Polly & Bob platform to access the space around you!

17. New community! Less online more offline!
Let’s build a new community feeling in the neighborhood. Build your neighborhood, build your likeminded crowd around you. We provide tools and occasions to meet offline because we want think that offline contacts are much more fulfilling than online contacts. We use the internet as a tool to meet face to face. If you are too long on this platform please close and meet some neighbors!
Slow your live down. Take the time! Enrich your live!
Join your new community now!

18. Local politics. Re-democratization of the neighborhood.
We want to foster the participation in local joined decision making. We want more people to know how local politics work and let them feel that participation is possible and not so difficult as one may suggest. We want local initiatives to join Polly & Bob and open a group about their topic to make it easy for neighbors to join
Polly & Bob is a public space where we want to discuss and act on public affairs.

19. Access instead of possession! Share our wealth!
We have so much. So many things that we don’t need or not use in this very moment. If we share our wealth better we can stop the wars on resources, we can safe our planet and we actually have more. We want to provide access points in each neighborhood. The platform is an access point to all goods in your neighborhood. We organize sharing and swapping events in the neighborhood. We want to build sharing shops and give boxes in each neighborhood. We want the sharing economy to find the right way, a way where we have more wealth from sharing and more time, not only more work (Uber) or less space to live (AirBnB).
Join us! Share with us!

20. Many events organized actually by Polly & Bob!
We are much more than a platform. We organize and offer lots of events like Living room concerts, backyard flee markets, swap markets, running dinners and many others more.
Join us now and find out what we organize in your neighborhood!