What we want

We want to change the society for a better future.

  • We want to improve the way we live together in our neighborhoods.
  • We want to improve the economical standard of each neighbor.
  • We want to establish a collaborative lifestyle.
  • We want to help the shared economy to break through.
  • We want to solve environmental problems in using resources more efficient.
  • We want to build a better internet with more rights for the user.
  • We want users to decide on important things like privacy terms and model for sustainability.

The Story of Polly & Bob

is a single mother in Berlin Friedrichshain. She loves to know her sweety in good hands when she is singing Friday nights. She met her new boy friend on Polly & Bob’s neighborhood brunch, Peter. Peter just lives 3 blocks away. She organizes her Mother-Monday-meet-up and found a capoeira group in the neighborhood on Polly & Bob. She is a singer in a Friday night club band.

(36), single, born in Pittsburg /Pennsylvania. Bob is new to Berlin and so he is to her. He likes climbing and hiking. He found his flat on Polly&Bob, and got his furniture for small money and partly for free from some neighbors. Bob always wanted to do design, that’s what he is doing now in Berlin. Found some friends and Deutschlenders on Polly & Bob.

Polly & Bob
are two neighbors, that found out: it is worth it to take the time. Take the time to share it. Take the time to help. Take the time to play. Take the time to do shit together. Fun in the neighborhood. Everything around you. Everyone around you. Make sense, enrich, and share. Make a Difference.

They say: don’t walk by like the other day.

Join us!

Join the Team!

Because we think, that labour is the wrong way, we labour as less as we can.
We are active. We are goal oriented. We don’t have office hours. We have skype and co-working spaces.

You match us, if you match us. If you match us, we will find the right task for you.

Help us to grow Polly & Bob!

We are hiring talent, energy and experience in the following fields of activity.

• Design and creativity
• Media prodcution (Foto, Film, Posters, Blog etc.)
• Product development (UX, Coding)
• Eventmanagement
• Communication (stand ups, texters, writers, community managers)
• Public relations (Old and New Media)
• Neighborhood management
• Assitance (people, who get jobs done)
• Administration

Apply to Volker: volker@pollyandbob.com

Join the Movement!

We are constantly looking for volunteers. If you like to join the movement, just click here.


Together we make the world’s neighborhoods more trusting, sharing and connected.

About Us

The blog is about the society, the economy and the Internet. We ask the question , what constitutes the human and want to be like we live in a digital world.
How do we want to live in a world that has eliminated the shortage ?
How do we want to live in a world in which the totalte digitization of all areas of life is possible ?

The platform The full life takes place in reality. The platform connects you with the full life in your neighborhood . Here you can get to know neighbors , chat and arrange to meet you. On the platform, you can trade things , lend , give away , buy and sell . You can offer neighborly services or find . You can ask for help or help other neighbors neighbors. You can find neighborhood events or organize themselves. You can join groups in the neighborhood or open itself.

Discover the countless opportunities right on your doorstep !

Events What is special about our events is that there is always also about getting to know people , people , neighbors . We bring people together in real life and break the annotate on . We show what treasures lie hidden behind the house and apartment doors. We want to make it to the neighbors at the moment of getting to know just to be füreinenader open . So we know what we can do for each other when we make more with each other and for each other. We will use Neighbourhood Manager in the neighborhoods that carry our events along with the neighbors.

Come to know about our events and meet new neighbors!

Meeting needs space. A “we” arises only when we come together and recognize us as a community. More and more public places degenerated into non- spaces. These are places where we go past each other and connect. A new neighborhood is a new “we.” The new neighborhood needs rooms. Therefore, we set ourselves where to go to obtain one of the public spaces and the improvement of citizens and assembly rights to easier zusammmenzukommen in public space. In addition, we want to set up a Polly & Bob clubroom in every neighborhood . With places for co -working , with room for Begnung Banquet , with space to hang and with a Polly & Bob Leihladen . The Polly & Bob Leihladen works like a library for things that almost everyone needs but no one must possess .

Rooms are always where a “we” is . Our community is a new kind of neighborhood

The Neighbourhood Council
The neighborhood committee ensures the participation of the users of Polly & Bob . The neighborhood committee is a virtual panel of people and neighbors. Take place here regularly votes on the issues of Polly & Bob : Policy , Terms and Conditions , sustainability model that budget. Imagine the user determine the Policy itself better privacy you can not have . Membership is through a loan , that is, you lend us money and get for the membership in the neighborhood committee for the term of the loan . Each share costs 50 euros and beinahltet one vote. You can purchase a maximum of 10,000 shares.

Become a member of the neighborhood committee and determine the fate of Polly & Bob with !

The Company
The Polly & Bob UG is a non-profit social startup . We are not profit -oriented. We would rather put our revenue in the construction of the new neighborhood : Platform , Events and venues as well as people who run all of this. We want to pay good wages . As soon as possible 50 % of our revenue goes to the neighborhood manager , also to make a budget for actions but for the living. Should we nevertheless generate Überschüße , we will give it to the supporters in the neighborhood back : 50 % to the most active users and 50 % of the neighbors in the neighborhood committee.

Polly & Bob connects you to your neighborhood .


  • 334475_124158641023141_1716971710_o

    Imran Khan

    Hi, I am Imran, I am a coder and support Polly & Bob in product development. It is great to work for a non-profit that makes sense to build a better future inside the society and without politics. I was born in Afghanistan, the war spoiles me to Europe as a refugee. Believe I know […]

  • emilia

    Emilia Sleczek

    Hey, my name is Emilia (28) and I’m assisting Volker in text, design and coordination issues. Working with Polly & Bob offers me an exciting complement to my profession as a graduate painting conservator and gives me the possibility to contribute to the New Neighborhood, that searches itself online, but finds itself offline. I’m passionate […]

  • 17 Polly & Bob

    Heros of the neighborhood

    We want to change the society for a better future. Any help is more than welcome! distrubute flyer, take care of booths in your area, give stickers to you neighbors tell everybody about Polly & Bob, blog, write, like us, make it public, spread the word organize Neighborhood meetups, e.g. Babysitting, boockswap, BBQ, watch Films […]

  • dddddddl

    Co Working Space Friedrichshain

    Because we think work is the wrong way, we try to work as less as possible. We are active. We are goal oriented. We don’t have office ours. We have skype. And we use co-working space. Rudolfstr. 14 c/o Launch/Co 10245 Berlin https://launchco.com/etc/ )

  • DSC_1009

    Polly & Bob Headquarters

    Where everything begun. We still take letters here and have meetings. Wühlischstr. 12 10245 Berlin

  • renato2

    Renato Colina

    Hi, my name is Renato. I like Polly & Bob because I like these precious initiateves that make a change in our economical driven world. We are the people, and live is made to live it in comunity. I was taking part in many Polly & Bob events already, I sang on my Balcony i […]

  • marianna

    Marianna Strani

    My name is Marianna, I was born in Rome, where I lived until 5 years ago, when I moved abroad: first to America, then back to Europe, ending up in the city that has always been my oldest love: Berlin. Writing, swimming, music and dancing are my biggest passions, and here in Germany I started […]

  • annika2

    Annika Selders

    Ahoi, I am Annika. I live in Berlin Friedrichshain since 2008. I grew up in a small village near the Dutch border, Kevelaer in good old NRW. I am marries and love my sunshine son Alfred, we live together in Mainzer Strasse. I work as a nurse. I am super open to new stuff. I […]

  • maria

    Maria Kozakiewicz

    Hi, my name is Maria. Last year I was a member of an international students exchange semester at Universität der Künste. I am originally from Cracow. I am an artist. On my stay in Berlin I came across Polly & Bob and loved the noble idea that Polly & Bob is. I was one of […]

  • Picture1

    Volker Siems

    I was born and grew up in a small village 8km from the baltic see in Germany’s most northern part, Schleswig-Holstein, I love calling it the Scandinavian part of Germany. That was 39 years ago. I am married and live now in a small village near Berlin and work from my office in Berlin. I […]