07/26/14 Bookswap “Plauschen und Tauschen” say chatting and swaping.

4 pm – 5 pm in La Escalera atKopernikusstr. 1

Bring one or two books along with you, let’s hava a chat with tea or coffee.

07/27/14 Backyardfleemarket: Berlins first sunday of fleemarkets in backyard

Sell the stuff you don’t need anymore.
Clean up your attics and cellars.
Free yourself from your stuff.
THE chance to get to know neighbors.
Fleemarket without stand fee, super simple, just get a table and your stuff down.

Register your backyard here: Registration

All the others can have a look on the map of so far registered back yards on the Map and trade themselves through the town.

Polly & Bob Neighborhood Fund

We will give neighbors the chance to support projects and initiatives in the neighbohood.

We give neighbors to create and shape their neighborhood.

Neighbors donate into the fund and vote for the projects. This pott will be devided on 18/12/14 to the ten projects with the most vots according to their vots.

The first Neighborhood Fund we have started in Friedrichshain .
Now is the time to register your project or initiative.
Donations are welcome.

Please leave me a message or call me +49 163 3375025.