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Manifesto for a New Neighborhood

We are on a mission to change the way we live together in the neighborhood.

We dream of a world where social well-being is measured not by the number of Facebook
friends you have, but by the number of neighbors who greet you by your first name during a casual walk down the street.

We dream of a world heading towards localization instead of globalization, where you can find
more richness and value in your own neighborhood than anywhere else in the online or offline world.

We dream of a world where people come together in their local communities
to share their wealth, knowledge, and talents with their fellow neighbors.

We dream of a world where each and every one of us, no matter what race,
gender, religion, sexual orientation, origin, ability, wealth or age can find
a community to belong to, a door to knock on, and a place to call home.

We dream of this world, because we believe that good things happen when neighbors come together.
We dream of this world, because we believe that local offline connection is what truly makes us human.

The world needs more connected neighborhoods.

Join us in the new neighborhood movement, and let’s make this dream come true.

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New Neighborhood
in a Digital World.

We are a Movement
A net of neighborhood networks.


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