In the election year we want to bring local politics on the public agenda.

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Our Goals:
Initiatives from the Friedrichshain destrict should present and bring their opinions and claims to a broad public.
Voters should be given as much information as needed, from the politics but also from the side of the initiatives.
We want to explain how local politics work in Berlin. (Structures, Budgets, Commisions, Administration etc.)
We want to rise the local political engagement and the voter participation.
Also after the election we want to keep in touch and remind politicians about their promises.

What we want to do:

Wahlomat: each friedrichshainian initiative can bring in 2-4 questions that we will check with politicians. We bring them online and let people try who they want to vote for.
Offline Acktions: Booths on Boxi and other places, to inform about the initiatives claims
Flyer/Sticker/Poster Actions: Initiatives and their ideas shall be seeable in th region not only the heads of the politicians.
Panel-Discussion with the mayor candidates: initiatives ask, politicians answer (medialy documented we will be able to remind the politicians later about what they have said.

The Agenda (Initiatives and Topics, that are taking part already):
Anrainer: Problem of Noise, Drugs, monotony of small businesses around RAW-Gelände, Simon Dach Straße.(link to their Petition)
Gleisbeet: Vandalism, wild campers, drug problem at their Garden near RAW-Gelände (Link to Gleisbeet)
Topic School Places: more and more families move in to Friedrichshain, what do politics do in order to prepare enough school places?
Polly & Bob: Usage of public spaces for neighborhood connecting events like the night of the singing balconies.

You want to put your topic on the political agenda too? Get your Problem or Inititative on this list Link.
How can you participate:
On actions or at the organization of the panel or anywhere else, get your name down in this list:Link.
As an Initiative: get your 2-4 questions into this form: Link.

Next Meeting: 26 Mai 2016 19:00 – 21:00
Stadtteilbüro Friedrichshain, Warschauer Strasse 23

If you have any question, just give me a call 0163 3375025 or write to


Many thanks to the suport of the Kiezfond of Travekiez-Ostkreuz e.V.

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