Local Boards

The Polly & Bob Localboards are kind of the hearts of the Polly & Bob movement.
Here the neighborhood things are made real.

The Polly & Bob localboard is a board of makers from the neighborhood.
All the Polly & Bob events, groups, and activities are handled and realized here.

The localboard decides on budgets and makes ideas real as unbeaurocratic as possible.

Every participant of a monthly meeting is heared and should be able to realize her ideas. We use a modern efficient meeting structure based on holocracy. We look for consent, consensus is not needed, nobody likes to discuss for hours, so if there are no objections, let the people do it.

Who should come?
Everybody who has project ideas and want to realize them in the neighborhood.
Everbody who likes to come together and accomplish something.

How can I found a LocalBoard?
You need 4 Members from one Region.

Two roles are obligatory, facilitator and treasurer.

The monthly organization meeting has a certain holocracy based structure and requieres small minutes, that will have to be brought again, in order to revise decisions of the board.

We recommend to make a weekly meetup to have some drinks and just hang out together.

The localboard is related to a main zip code area and a possibly broader area of responsibility.
The area of responsibility describes the area of postalcodes the localboard takes care of. From this area it receives the founding also.
When new localboards are built, it will ask for an area of responsibility. In case of overlaps, we will cut the areas new, finally only the main postalcode area will stay as an area of responsibility. We will not allow two localboards for the same zip code area If a localboard is growing big in terms of members, we recommen to divide it in two in order to gain space to grow again.

To found a local group is very simple, just fill in this little form here: My Localboard

Which roles exist in localboards?
We have to obligatory roles: facilitators and treasureres all other roles are optional good to have, new roles can be established by the board itself.

Facilitator: takes care of the flow of the meetings and has to make sure the minutes are written and signed by at least three participants and has to make sure all minutes are in place in the meeting. The facilitator can delegate these task, he is only responsible that somebody does it.

Treasurer: takes care of the money. Payments have to be listed in a book and reported to the central, that reports all three months to the members. Receipt have to be sent to the central accunting.

Other roles can be responsibilty for the newsletter, responsibilty for the event calendar, responsibilty for posters and flyers, responsibilty for equipment (own and what is available in the neighborhood).

How are the monthly meetings organized?
We use a format related to holocracy. The goal is to solve tensions and clear responsibilities on every step and get to decisions in an unbearucratic way. We seek consent but not consensus.
The meeting has two parts. The first parts serves to bring everybody on a shared status and sort out tensions and needs on existing tasks. The second part serves to find decisions on what to do next and to assign roles to people, so that everybody knows his responsibility and that of the others. Here we decide also on the allocation of money. Every localboard can find its own way how to do that.

Polly & Bob Localboard Monthly Meeting Description

How does a localboard finance itself?
Each Localboard recieves 50% of the membership fees from its area of responsibility. Later, when Polly & Bob is big enought this percentage can be raised. Our goal is to be able to rent space and hire people from the membership fees. The localboard can also start to earn money in letting the space or offer local services or open a coffee place in order to cover the costs.

Moreover the localboards can charge small fees for the events in order to cover its costs and gain a little for other events or expenses into equipment. The treasurer has to take care of making all transactions transparent.

How does Polly & Bob central support team supprt the localboards?
We provide a supra-regional network of localboards to serve the people around the globe to improve thier local neighborhood. They can help and advise each other through this net. We invent and provide templates for how to organize certain events and neighborhood groups. We administer the money allocation and administration. We support local groups on forums and via mail and eventually telephone.
We provide the Polly & Bob online plattform where all members can connect easily and in a good way.
We organize the board of neighbors, where all members find decisions on shared bases.